Kamis, 18 Agustus 2011

30 Seconds To Fame

The spread of communism terrorized America in the 50s. Joe McCarthy announced that he had a list of government employees working for the Russians. People were ruined by is witch hunt. The infiltrators were few. They worked for both sides. By the 60s our teachers instructed their students to be aware of the conspiratorial tactics of the godless soviets.

Assassinations of character, fraudulent voting scandals, unfounded accusations, and confrontational politics were the stepping stones for overthrowing a legitimate government. The Reds were successful throughout Eastern Europe. Our parents and religious leaders warned us about the sweet entreaties of communism and we fought the atheistic monolith in Korea and Vietnam by bombing them into the Stone Age.

The collapse of the Soviet Empire discredited the Kremlin, however in recent years the GOP has adapted their stratagem to the American political process. Gerrymandering weakened the democratic districts. Disclosure of scandal emasculated the power of congressmen. Fear was their greatest tool. Terrorizing the psyche of the USA.

Recently President Obama toured the country to announce his campaign for re-election. A group of GOP Tea Party members harangued the Leader of the Free World. Their spokesman Ryan Rhodes accused the President of being a socialist. The Tea Party member is not the boxer, but I wish Obama had resisted with a sucker punch to the head of this white boy.

Crack the peckerwood in the nose.

But the President refused to take the bait and Fox News has a new star to add to their galaxy of communist-tactic subverters.

I've been in Iowa before.


I overheard a trio of GOPers claiming that the USA was founded on Christian values. I rose from my bar stool and told the three of them, "This country was founded on Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, so shut the fuck up. I've had it up to here with your god bullshit."

They said nothing.

"Don't you dare look my way or else."

My hippie friends shook their heads.

"Bar fights are uncool."

"Not when you fight to win." A chair over the head usually settles the argument within a second.

Oh, Obama, why weren't you born in Chicago, instead of Mecca?

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