Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011

GB in Palestine

"There are no second acts in American lives."

F. Scott Fitzgerald's fatalistic quote on success has been excoriated by critics. They did not have to live through the gauntlet of abusive expectation suffered by the writer after the triumph of THE GREAT GATSBY, considered by many scholars as the most perfect novel in American literature.

Having failed often I hold with the thought that there is no worst failure than premature success, but failure to accept failure can lead to success such as in the case of ultra-right political commentator Glenn Beck. Drunk and drugged from the age of 16 the born-again Mormon rose from obscurity to fame as a passionate spokesperson for God, Country, and Race. His neo-evangelistic politics are firmly based on the teachings of the late writer W. Cleon Skousen, a fellow Mormon and a strong supporter of the John Birch Society, who believed that God's Hand was the main reason for the rise of America as a superpower and Glenn Beck tapped into White America's relentless fear of a godless future to become Fox News' # 1 commentator. The Murdoch network and Beck amicably parted ways at the end of July allowing Beck to pursue a more lucrative career as a private broadcaster.

A strong promoter on Christian Zionism Glenn Beck scheduled a series of Restoring Courage rallies in Israel aimed at disrupting the upcoming UN vote ON Palestine's statehood. Tickets sales for the event were tepid at best, although his white American Christian audience responded with cheers to his apocalyptical predictions with heart-felt applause.

"The world is burning. Whatever we've grown to think is solid and strong and durable is under siege. The threats are mounting. The evil is growing. Darkness is falling. New York, so-called leaders are talking about human rights. But what they do is abuse the very meaning of this phrase. They condemn tiny Israel, democratic Israel, free Israel – Israel which values human life above all others. In some countries it is a crime not to condemn Israel. The diplomats are afraid. They are cowards and so they surrender to falsehood. The truth matters not."

Jewish groups boycotted the rally due to Christian Zionism call for Jews to convert to Christianity to save Israel. Another reason for the lukewarm turnout was the $5000 cost of attending the rally.

If Glenn Beck learned one thing from his earlier failures it was that money makes people ignore your failures.

"Nimmt Geld."

Which is Yiddish for take the money.

Mangozeen is #1 in the google search for Nimmt Geld yiddish.

Taking money the old-fashioned way.

Oi ist Mir.

Lastly Free Palestine.

It's the right thing to do no matter what Christ's Nazis think.

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