Rabu, 31 Agustus 2011

Soldiers With No Names

August 2011 was 'deadliest month' for US in Afghan war. The death toll soared with the crash of a Chinook Helicopter. A rocket grenade hit the twin-engined aircraft during a raid on insurgents. The big copter is capable of speeds up to 190 MPH, but its vulnerability during landings and take-offs have cost many casualties during the long conflict in Afghanistan.

Its loudness eliminated the element of surprise and the Taliban were waiting to ambush the Chinook as they had struck Soviet helicopters during that Afghan War.

Among the 38 dead were members of the Navy Seal team which had assassinated Osama Bin Laden. A loss of so many soldiers has chilled support for the war, although Milt Romney and Rick Perry think that the US military can fight this war forever.

Some critics questioned why the Seals weren't using Apache helicopters.

They were basically built as attack platforms and the Pentagon loves the Chinook for its ability to get there fastest with the mostest.

The soldiers were just doing their job and they died with their boots on, as the rest of America ate potato chips and watched DANCING WITH THE STARS reruns.

Gone but not forgotten by some.


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