Rabu, 07 September 2011

Da Contendah

The Lone Star State has been suffering from a record drought. An area larger than Oklahoma has been declared high risk for fire and this past Labor Day weekend wildfires burned more than 100,000 acres close to Austin. Gusting winds exacerbated the problems for firefighters and thousands of residents of Bastrop County have fled the walls of flame. The governor abandoned his presidential aspirations and returned to Texas for photo-ops with refugees and cindered houses. to Texas from his presidential"We've got a lot of Texans living in shelters now."Perry had proposed on TV that such misfortunates as welfare recipients be pressed into work camps. He has yet to suggest such a drastic measure for Texans rendered homeless by the fires.Local police have allegedly blamed the widespread conflagrations on arson.Rick Perry has been a firm believer in the Hand of God and has categorically refused to consider that the epic drought might be caused by global warming.The governor will be leaving Texas today for a GOP debate at the Ronald Reagan library.He has performed well in five gubernatorial debates by defending his record by accusing opponents of tearing down Texas. His anti-Washington rhetoric has been music to the ears of the Tea Party who are seeking to put a man of their politics into the White House and America suffers a short memory about governors from Texas. Rick Perry is no GW Bush.He's the real thing.Right-wing gun-carrying cowboy from Texas AM.A true goat-roper.

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