Senin, 12 September 2011

Hail Mary Move

No matter how long you live in a country, it's difficult to become a native.My Swedish friend Jonas is a Michigan fan.He posted this on Facebook along with his Swedish friends' comments;A guy just approached me and said pointing to my Michigan hat, "I hate everything that hat stands for". Smiling at him I said, "You saw the game last night?": Jonas Gustavsson I like how the game played out last nightSven Flodin Was he an American Hooligan :)HÃ¥kan Lindell And did you defend the colors of your team............... Is he still alive?Jonas Gustavsson One of the most exciting games of any sport I have ever seen. In the last 2 minutes the winner of the game changed at least 3 times, but Michigan prevailed and won over Notre Dame. Clare came up with the funniest comment though. Michigan used a move to win called "The Hail Mary move", a term used in catholic faith, ironic that Michigan would used the move against a catholic college.Peter Nolan Smith hail mary pass - most famous doug flutie BC versus MiamiPeter Nolan Smith November 23, ‎1984 - final score 47-45Flutie flushed.........throws it down.........CAUGHT BY BOSTON COLLEGE! I don't believe it! It's a touchdown! The Eagles win it!—Brent Musburger calling on the final play.Peter Nolan Smith Hail mary pass indeed. Not hail mary move.Those silly Swedes.

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