Kamis, 15 September 2011

Lost in Orbit

This summer NASA mothballed the Space Shuttle fleet in favor of a plan for private enterprises to supply the International Space Station, after the GOP and Fox News convinced the American public that over 25% of the federal budget belonged to the space agency. The real number is about 1%. This amount remained too much for Bible Belters who believe that the only angels should carry the faithful into the heavens. President Obama refused to save the program and to congressional pressure and the Space Station had to rely on Russian rockets for supplies. The crash of an orbiter forced the Kremlin to curtail any launches for the time being, thus forcing three of the 6 cosmonauts to abandon ship on one of the two Soyuz capsules attached to the ISS.None of the private corporations are ready to fill the gap and by November the remaining three spaceman might have to ditch the ISS, since the capsules have a six-month life span. One small step for Mankind is in danger of being erased from the sky.Like Daedulus' wings melting in the sun.No more to the stars.Thank you GOP.

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