Senin, 26 September 2011

Mr. Wizard was an animated character from the early 1960s cartoon TOOTER TURTLE. The show ran a mere 39 episodes, however the main protagonist's call for salvation from an impossible dilemma remains a popular cry for the desperate."Help Mr. Wizard."The magical lizard solved problems with wisdom and magic. His advice at the end of each episode was the same. "Be just vhat you is, not vhat you is not."The world economies are searching for such help as Greece teeters toward bankruptcy. The austerity programs forced on the taxpayers and civil employees have failed to stimulate a nation lost in the current financial maelstrum. The IMF has proposed a 50% reduction of the debt incurred by the Greek government during the heyday of money madness. This drastic measure is aimed at preventing a wide recession becoming a depression with the accompanying social ills of such as disastrous downturn.50% is only halfway to the real solution which is International Write-Off Day to the banks, since their insistence on zero-interest to gain access to easy money in order to finance their greed is a major factor in the collapse of the international economy.Without relief Greece's debt's will go unpaid.And the Greeks are asking, "So what?" or "ʾĀmīn."Whatever will be will be.Recession followed by tax revolt and violence against the banks. Social services are cut to the bone. Greeks fend for themselves. Banks are nationalized. The Euro is abandoned. Recession becomes depression. Rebellion against corporate fascism. Repression by the forces of wealth. The rise of the working classes.The triumph of revolution."Helpl Mr. Wizard."If only he were real.

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