Rabu, 07 September 2011

Smolder Baby Smolder

Millions of Americans voted for Barack Obama in hopes of reversing the decades of repression from the right of the Democrats and GOP. We were bitterly disappointed with his various appointments of Wall Street bankers and special interest lobbyists, but accepted his choices with a view toward the changes promised during his successful presidential campaign. His vow to end the wars have been stalled by the wishes of the Pentagon and strategic groups. Even today there was talk about keeping 3000 troops in Iraq to protect our interests. His approval rating languishes in the mid-40s and the GOP deem Obama as a lame-duck president, going so far as to not even offer a rebuttal to his speech later this week.Whatever he will say is meaningless to the Republicans and several congressmen have admitted that they will not attend the speech in Washington to avoid hearing any defense of socialism.The White House as usual refrained from commenting of the GOP insult.Where is John Shaft when you need him?

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