Kamis, 15 September 2011

Statehood / Falsehood

In 1947 the newly formed United Nations divided Palestine into several parts. The Zionist state received the greater slice of the pie and the Arabs fought several wars over the next six decades. None succeeded in either returning the lost land or granting statehood to Palestine. The UN is on the brink of holding a vote to address this issue by a vote in the General Assembly, since the USA has vowed to veto any attempt to recognize the 'pariah nation' to placate the fears of the Zionist entity. The special envoy Tony Blair has completely failed to bring the various parties to a table, as the former British PM is seen as a lackey of the Christian Zionist movement. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has attempted a last-minute deal to avoid the veto vote, but the Arab bloc and several European nations are committed to recognizing Palestine.Turkey has also taken up the flag after the Israelis killed 9 Turks on a peace mission to break the Gaza blockade.The GOP has vowed to cut funding to the PLO and Hamas.Palestinian authorities have little options left on the plate.It is time for statehood no matter what the religious right desires for the Middle East. Their greatest dream is the Second Coming of Christ, only that will never happen, because like Elvis their savior has left the stadium for good.And he ain't coming back, because no one has returned from thin air.

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