Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011

Ding Dong Gaddafi's Dead

Muammar Gaddafi’s decades long reign in Libya came to a bloody end last week. NATO airplanes attacked a convoy of vehicles fleeing Sirte, his last stronghold. Gaddafi ran for cover, as local militia surrounded the area. Finding refuge in a drainage pipe, the colonel fought for his life, but NTC fighters pounded the concrete tube with an anti-aircraft gun. The deposed ruler surrendered with his famed gold-plated pistol in hand. Badly wounded by fighting Colonel Gaddafi was put into an ambulance. He never made it to Tripoli.Someone shot him in the head.A summary execution and Libyans throughout the liberated country celebrated his death with honking horns and machine guns fired into the sky.No more assassinations. No more wars in Africa. No more money pouring into his coffers from the oil riches of the nation. No more prison massacres.The Leader of the Revolution is dead.Some people have criticized the manner of his death as inhumane.I say good riddance.The world is a better place without him, but the West would be sorely mistaken to think that this revolution was one for democracy. It was an uprising against the ruling classes of wealth. That is the story. The poor versus the rich.Free the world.

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