Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

Froide Comme Une Reine

The Financial Times, which is the foreign rival to the Murdoch-onwed Wall Street Journal, has reported that Buckingham Palace has joined millions of other homes throughout Britian in 'fuel poverty' in which a homeowner pays more than 10% of their income on fuel. Oil prices in Britain are at an all-time high as commodity traders have accelerated the value of coal, gas, and oil with speculation to steal more wealth from the people. It is not just the poor or middle class who are the target. It is also the rich. Wall Street wants no one to have money.Not even the Queen of England.According to the article ERII roams the palaces shutting off lights.The rest of the nation would be wise to follow her example, for the only peaceful way to hurt the oil companies is through non-consumption.Walk, don't drive.Shut off all vampire power drains such as power transformers without cut-off switches.Heat only the rooms in which you live.It will be a cold winter.Cruel only if you maintain the ways of the past.The Queen knows and you should too.By the way she will never be poor.

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