Jumat, 14 Oktober 2011

Hell No We Won't Go

"Hell, no, we won't go." This famous chant of the anti-war movement of the Vietnam era has been reincarnated by the Occupy Wall Street protestors in Lower Manhattan. Mayor Bloomberg had announced plans to vacate the park for cleaning and the eventual re-occupation of the property. No one believed the lying rich bastard and the owners of the park backed down from the proposed cleaning after more demonstrators flocked into the park to prevent the eviction.Park ordinances have been waived for the duration of the truce between Brookfield Properties and the squatters. City councillors have backed the occupation to show the major that his 3rd term means nothing to New Yorkers on conscience.Zucotti Park was once called Liberty Plaza Park. The space was created by United States Steel in return for a height bonus in 1968. The new name is in honor of the owner of Brookfield Properties.Like all rich men he doesn't want any trouble that will cost him."Hell, no, we won't go."ps Fuck Mayor Bloomberg.

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