Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011

More Than 10% Divine

right before I left for Luxembourg, my co-worker Deisy announced that she had no gay friends. She was a fundamentalist and a firm believer in the Bible. Hell was reserved for sinners and God has a special oven for the worshipers of man-sex for her church. Her church was not Catholic in origins.

"Deisy, you know many gays. And you probably have many gay friends, only they won't tell you." Most of my gay friends never mentioned their sexual preference, although it was fairly obvious by the way they checked out my rack.

Most people have no idea what is a gay man.

Certainly Rock Hudson didn't fit the caricature and I told Ava, "Jesus was gay."


"He hung around men, lived with his mother, had long hair, and wore a dress. You're lucky if he wasn't a transvestite." There was no mention in the New Testament about his liking Broadway show tunes or gladiator movies. "Some people could have considered him 'gay'."

"Why are you saying this?" She had her hands over her ears.

"Because my brother was gay and he wasn't bad. You only think gays are bad, because your pastor tells you that." She had no knowledge about the recent Gay Jesus exhibition in Europe and the USA. Most of the art was second-rate, then again Jesus faked dying on the cross, but that's another story.

"I did know a gay man."


"He belonged to my church." Deisy is a very good person. She loves her daughter and friends. I never discourage her prayers for my soul.

"And the pastor threw him out?" Gays weren't welcome in many churches.

"Yes, he was asked to leave."

"And you stopped being friends with him?"


"You're better than that. The church does not own your heart and mind. Those belong to who?"My baby.""Same as me."I will say prayers for you."In her mind I was doomed to hell and I gave her fundamentalist prejudice against gays a pass, for Ava loved her church, but later in the day I showed her the great YouTube ex trait of a faux Jesus lip-syncing I WILL SURVIVE. She shut her eyes. Ava was into see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil, but you can see it by going to the following URL


Needless to say my beliefs are my own.

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