Sabtu, 08 Oktober 2011

Only 40%

Millions of foreigners will come to the Philippines every year. The government promotes festivals celebrating religious, animist, and modern tradition to appeal to the diverse tastes of different nationalities with the Cebu City’s Sinulog Festival kicking off the calendar of celebrations in January. year. The archipelego’s many attractions appeal to tourists, because of their historical significance or natural beauty. Manila’s old walled city and hot nightlife are counter-balanced by the beaches of Borocay, Aklan and Palawan, diving at the 100 islands, the eye-soothing symmetry of the Banaue rice terraces, the stunning vista from Taal Volcano, and the diverse biosphere’s of Mount Apo. This week the island nation received a surprising evaluation of its tourist market from the American ambassador, when the long-time diplomat stated that the main purpose of 40% of the male arrivals in the Philippines was sex.

The ambassador’s word created an outrage and the harlem native was fast to apologize for his off-the-cuff comment at a conference on human trafficking. His missive via text was met by scorn by the Philippine press and guffaws from the local and foreign sex tourists seeking the services of the 800,000 women working the brothels, karaoke bars, massage parlors, streets, and go-go across the country, despite its illegality. The money earned by these workers support numerous families, lazy boyfriends and husbands as well as provide a good income for the under-educated female population. Few revel in sin, but men being men don’t care about the feelings of women when it comes to sex no matter what number of male tourists come to the Philippines for the business of pleasure.

The ambassador also said at last month’s conference that he was not proud of his countrymen making up a large percentage of the sex tourists. I have never been to the Philippines, but many farangs voyage from Thailand for a change. They are not seeking such culinary delights as echon, mechado, or crispy pata or deep-fried pig foot.
Sex is the drug, because there is none in the western world.

Not for the unfuckable.

Western men live for a dream and who can blame them with all the fat women in the West.

Stop easting potato chips, you buffalo ladies of Europe and America.It's time to save the souls of your mankind.The end of the world is around the corner in 2012 and a guilty conscience lasts a long time in eternity..

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