Senin, 10 Oktober 2011

Wait Till Next Year

When I left America in early September, the Boston Red Sox seemed destined to finish first in the American League East or show up in the AL playoffs as the wildcard. They ended the month with a record 7-21 allowing Tampa Bay to replace them in baseball's October classics. The Red Sox Nation have experienced numerous debacles such as the unexpected homer by the Yankee's Bucky Dent's homer in 1975 and Bill Buckner's error against the Mets in 1986, but this year's agony lasted a month.It all came down to two games.Red Sox versus the Baltimore Orioles and the Yankees versus the T-Rays.Late innings had the Bosox with a 3-2 lead with two outs and the Yankees goose-egging the T-Rays 7-0.Our star relief pitcher gave a double to a batter with a 0-6 lifetime against him. An expensive acquisition from Tamp Bay blew a difficult ball to the outfield.. 4-3 W Orioles.And the T-Rays came back from 7-0 to win.Arrrgggh!Thankfully I was thousands of miles away across an ocean, but after an epic collapse such as that I can't even bring myself to say, "Wait till next year."How am I going to break this news to my 3 year-old son?His name is Fenway.Is ti too late to change it to Bobby Orr?

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