Senin, 14 November 2011

Hello It's Me

The train tracks from Boston to New York were laid through the western pine barrens of Rhode Island in the 19th Century. The pine forests grow on deep sand deposits left over from the glacial melting of the Ice Age. The Kingston Pine Barrens have resisted population and one winter afternoon in 1979 I was sitting on the left side of a train carriage heading south. Trees after trees after trees formed a long curtain of green. The monotony lulled me to sleep, but I saw a car parked at a rural crossing. It was a red sports car. The train rattled past the car at 80 mph. A young blonde woman was lying on the ground. Her body was naked and she had spread her legs for a show. My head whipped back to watch her until she disappeared from sight. I stood up in my seat and examined the faces of the window-side passengers. None of them showed any sign of having seen the naked woman, but she was no mirage.She was the real thing.An exhibitionist in the Pine Barrens.

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