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The Village in New York had always attracted a kaleidiscope of radical, deviant, and perverse characters considered, abhorrent by mainstream America. The Reds gave way to the beatniks. They evolved into the hippies, who surrendered the counterculture ghetto to the junkies, artists, punks and sexual revolutionaries of the 1970s. I lived on East 10th Street and my faux-sister Pip had an apartment off Bleecker Street. We had met at CBGBs. It was our Lincoln Center. Pip and I would smuggled bottles of vodka past Merv at the door. The owner couldn't figure out how we got so drunk on one drink. They were good times. One night Pip announced that she had a new neighbor. We were halfway through the bottle. Both of us had caught a good buzz. The Ghosts were opening for the Dictators. We were happy to have seats against the wall. "He's really cute." The cheery coed was hopelessly in love with everyone new on the scene. Pip had a big heart. "His name's Marc Stevens.""Marc Stevens?""You know him?" "I don't know him personally, but he's Mr. 10 1/2." The well-hung actor was John Holmes' rival in the XXX film industry. I had seen him naked at Studio 54 covered in silver body paint. His penis looked a normal size. "He was the star of THE DEVIL AND MRS. JONES.""I don't know that film." Pip was going to NYU for literature. Her professors suggested their students read MADAME BOVARY and Camus' THE PLAGUE. "And I wouldn't expect anything else." The francophiles intellectuals had no use for Henry Miller, pornography.I gave Pip a 10-minute course in XXX films from DEEP THROAT to BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR. Her eyes shined with joy. She loved celebrities. "He's living with this girl, Jill Monro.""Jill's a transsexual. She had had an operation to change her penis into a vagina." She was the first tranny movie star."No." Fame and weird was exciting to the young student from the suburbs of Greenwich. "I can't believe I know a transvestite.""Transsexual." They were two different creatures."Thanks, Pud." She kissed my cheek. Her fake brother had explained the birds and bees of a hidden sect. "I love you, Pud."Not everyone held porno actors in esteem, but I was big fan of blue movies. I haunted the Times Squares peepshow in search of arcane films. My hillbilly girlfriend had no idea about my research. It was a secret I kept close to my heart.Pip decided to throw a party for several Geminis. Her apartment was decorated by an underground designer of nightclubs. She had invited a hundred people. Over 200 crammed into the duplex. I knew many of them, since I was one of the birthday boys. My hillbilly girlfriend didn't drink and she wandered off to CBGBs. A curly-haired man came up to a minute later and said, "I thought she would never leave. My name is Mark.""Pip talked about you." I looked through the crowd. His better half wasn't in the room."She talked about you too." Marc was wearing a white jumpsuit. He was the thinnest person in the room. HIs hand touched my ass. "You want to do some blow?""Yes." I was used to gay guys hitting on me as they were accustomed to seducing straight guys. "Not here. There are too many vultures." His soft brown eyes darted over the crowd, as if he were looking for someone special. "Let's go to my place."Two men leaving a party together was no scandal, although Pip leaned over to a notorious German singer and pointed out my departure. Klaus gave me the green light with a wink. The falsetto was dedicated to converting me to the other side. "Gluck." Klaus was green with envy. He liked his men long."I don't need good luck." I was straight or at least that's what I told myself.Marc lived across the hall. He opened the door and pushed me inside. The one-bedroom apartment was decorated with dark brown furniture. The color was a favorite with gays."I don't any of the neighbors seeing me. My wife is very jealous." He shut the door and went into the kitchen to take a Pond's cream jar from the cabinet. It had crammed with a white powder with a pinkish glow. "Bolivian flake from one of my admirers."We sat on the soft sofa. The cushion sank around me like a Venus Fly Trap. The music from Pip's party was thumping the wall. I recognized the song as UP BONDAGE UP YOURS. "You like that music?" Marc spilled out a mound of blow. The lines were thick as rope."I'm a punk." I had been since seeing the Ramones play CALIFORNIA SUN. Their speedy version of the Rivieras' hit opened my eyes to a new world and CBGBs became my second home."I like leather, but not that music. I'm more into disco." He unzipped his jumpsuit to his bellybutton, then handed me a straw. "Enjoy."I hit the first rail with an athletic gusto. The coke burst into my nasal capillaries with the intensity of an Incan sun rise. My veins were scorched by the rush of euphoria and I fell back into the sofa with my bones sizzling on a Peruvian hot plate."Good, huh." Marc whispered in my ear. His lips were tender on my neck. He spooned a small pile into my other nostril. "Breathe."I obeyed his order. The coca renewed its assault on my senses and the universe shimmered out of focus. My hand was gently transported to grasp on a warm tube of flesh. I was in no condition to resist Marc's advances. He was a veteran of porno movies. Millions of men and women fantasized about lying in bed with him. He was a star and I gripped his thick member with the tenderness of a butcher preparing to cut a steak."I like it rough." Marc might have had a shot at me, if keys hadn't been put into the lock of the front door. Marc snapped away from me and grabbed my shirt, as he zipped up his jumpsuit. "It's my wife. Do some more blow."I snapped out of my trance and turned my head to watch a statuesque brunette enter the apartment. She regarded the coke and then the two of us. Her smile was displayed an awkward unease of seeing her man with another man. Marc wasn't capable of faithfulness to man or woman and Jill sat down with the surrender of accepting Marc for what he was."Please to meet you." HIs wife held out her hand with a tilted wrist. I offered mine, expecting a limp handshake. Jill crunched my knuckles in a vise. I winced with a pained grin and ripped my mauled fingers loose. "Nice meeting you too. Time for me to rejoin the party.""So soon." Marc was in no position to pursue his desire."It's getting late.""Thanks for coming." Jill smirked with the pleasure of re-establishing her dominance over our host."Sure, just one more thing.""What?" Jill straightened her posture, as if she was ready for a fight."A good-bye gift." I bent over and snorted the other two lines within two seconds.Marc laughed and Jill joined him."I already have a lover.""I think we shared him." Jill kissed Marc on the cheek. They looked like such a nice couple.I returned to the party. Pip grabbed me and asked, "What happened?""His wife came home." I poured myself a vodka. No ice. Not shaken. Straight."And what were you doing?""Talking that's all. I have a girlfriend." Pip was a spy for my hillbilly girlfriend. They were good friends. "And I'm not gay.""And you're not straight either." Pip shrugged with disappointment. She had been all ears for some good dirt. I stayed for another hour. The coke ran its course. I left the party with Klaus. He lived in the East Village. We shared a taxi to St. Mark's Place."So how big was it?" The German was a size queen. "Have you seen his movies?" I could tell Klaus anything. He loved secrets."Yes." His eyes widened with delight."It was that big.""Wunderbar."My hillbilly girlfriend was asleep in our bed. I took off my clothes and slid next to her. She cuddled up to me with a childish tenderness. It felt good and I fell into a wired maze of dreams. None of them were XXX and that was probably better for my girlfriend. She was strictly GP-13 and I wouldn't have had it any other way.At least not that night.

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