Rabu, 23 November 2011

No Thanks Day

The Yankee side of my family hailed from descendants of the Mayflower. The Hamlin clan owed its survival through the first winter to the Wamanpoags or people of the dawn. The Saints and Strangers of the Old World showed their gratitude by forcing the disease-weakened natives from their ancestral home much as the Moses’ ancestors evicted the Philistines from the Land of Milk and Honey. The Pilgrims thought that their God had given them this land, while the Indians believed the land belonged to the people using it. Native animism didn't stand a chance against the Old Testament, for the Bible has too many lessons of God's vengeance on those standing in the way to the Faithful. The Wamanpoags luckily survived the mass extermination of the coastal Indians and every Thanksgiving the tribe gathers on Nantucket to mourn the failed alliance between the Old and New Worlds.No Thanksgiving.At least the wild have come back to their native land and if the Wamanpoag Tribe get a few slot machines and who knows where they’ll celebrate No Thanksgiving on the 400th anniversery of the Pilgrims’ landing.The year will be 2021.I’ll hopefully be in Thailand eating crab curry.Mea Culpa redmen.I couldn't find the word for sorry in Wamanpoag on the internet.

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