Minggu, 13 November 2011

Rah Rah Rape

During the GOP presidential debate the female host confronted a candidate for the nomination on the fact that three women have come out with accusations of sexual harassment. The audience booed the question and Herman Cain defended himself by saying, "For every person who'd come forward with a false accusation, there are thousands who will say 'I never saw that from Herman Cain."His statement was met with cheers and Fox News applauded his unwavering stance of innocence. The mainstream media refrained from examining the allegations of misappropriate behavior by the former CEO.I've never met Herbert Cain, but one accuser publicly described the candidate forcibly pushing her head into his crotch. No one at the news conference asked if she was lying, because it sounded too much like the truth.Rape and sexual harassment are a common experience for both men and women in the USA.This past week the legendary football coach of Penn State was fired for the continued employment of an assistant coach despite visually seeing him in coitus with a young boy in the team shower room. Joe Paterno's ouster was protested by rioting fans. Their outrage stemmed not from the repeated incidents of child molestation on their campus, but the perceived ill treatment of Joe Paterno.Riot police quelled the violent crowds and the next day students walked to classes without commenting on their support for a systemic reign of criminal child abuse.On Saturday the Nittany Lions played without their coach for the first time since 1949.They lost to Nebraska.The shame of that defeat is nothing in comparison to the absolute disgrace of a college.There are no cheerleaders for rape.

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