Selasa, 01 November 2011

Virgin Galactic Tours

The Space Shuttle ATLANTIS flew its final mission to the International Space Station in July 2011. Its landing signaled the end of the four shuttle fleet's service to the nation and the world. The decision to retired the orbiters was taken by President GW Bush, who considered the $4 billion budget would be better spent on a truly space-worthy vessel for a voyage to the Moon and beyond. Barack Obama dropped the moon mission in favor of a manned super-rocket to reach the stars and at present the USA has no way to put a man in space.For that task the International Space Station depends on the Russians and their Soyuz capsule.Each trip costs approximately $60 million per head.For those space affectionados interested in a less expensive visit to Space, Richard Branson has announced that Virgin Galactic is accepting reservations to the 2013 launches from Spaceport America in New Mexico.$200,000 for each voyager to the edge of the Final Frontier in SpaceShipTwo, which carries six passengers and two pilots.Top altitude - 361,000ft / 110km high.Bookings can be reserved with a $20,000 deposit by going to the following URLVirgin Galactic Mission Control Branson is making it so.Engage.

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