Rabu, 09 November 2011

You Bet I Would # 11

The Buffalo Bar on Sai 3 was my Pattaya local. I have been drinking at the open-air bar since before the big road was paved in the 90s. It was once surrounded by a coconut plantation. Eddy, the owner, and I have been friends for years. Several years ago a bar opened across the alley leading Soi Bongkot. The color was black and the owners called their establishment 'the Castle'. It was a fetish bar. Chains, ropes, whips, and leather.Black clothing was a requirement."Have you been inside?" Eddy whispered to me. She didn't want her workers to know about her curiosity."No, not yet." I had no plans to visit the fetish palace. The entrance fee was over $30. "What would you do, if you went there?""Me?" The question stumped the adventurism of my libido. "I don't know.""You don't know or you don't want to tell?" Eddy had been expertly plundering horny western men for seventeen years. There was little she didn't know about our wants."I don't know. I'm not into bondage for me. Maybe a little for her." I had spank a few girlfriends in France. They liked it rough. I thought it was a little silly."No bondage for you.""Never.""You old, but not too young to learn that you can never say never." Eddy went back to the cashier. She liked to check the numbers. I thought about never and realized that there never was a never for me.It's simply a question of the right circumstance and I would wanna be someone's dog.It's certainly not too late.

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