Senin, 26 Desember 2011

Better Late Than Never

Merry Christmas ComradesI'm even capitalizing the C to maintain the spiritual peace even though the Christians sold the holiday from the distant Druids of Stonehenge.

Meán Geimhridh was celebrated in the Bronze Age. The rituals from over five thousand years ago have been lost for ages, however every December the sun signals the winter solstice at the Newgrange burial tomb. For seventeen minutes the rays of the dawn strike through a hole in the roof to light the interior of the Neolithic monument. Farmers slaughtered their livestock in preparation for a long winter and more importantly wine, beer, mead, and other spirits reached maturity in late-December.

The pagans had very happy Meán Geimhridh.

Julius Caesar adapted his Julian calendar to mark December 25 as the winter solstice and later the Christians adopted this heathen feast for their own religion.

Meán Geimhridh was all about the sun and earth and beer and the eternity of the cosmos.

So milla failte from Thailand, where I'm spending Meán Geimhridh with my loving son Fenway.

I gave him a good Xmas.

He is a good boy.

Sorry if I haven't kept up with my entries, but a young boy is very demanding.

Happy New Year.

The world will not end in 2012 no matter what those Christians say about their fucking armageddon.

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