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The 2003 movie THE COOLER tells the story of an indebted Las vegas dealer whose only skill is to cool a gambler's winning streak. Anytime I've been lucky at the tables, the house has pulled the losing dealer for a replacement dealer. The house always wins, but gamblers are a suspicious lot and here are some well-known superstitions.

Never sit at seat #10 at a poker table.

Always wear red underwear when gambling.

In craps always blow on the dice before you roll them. That apparently seals in the luck, however should the dice leave the table, the next throw will be bad.

Poker players should switch card protectors if luck is running bad.

For some, dropping a card during a game is a real no-no; it’s very bad luck. Other gamblers contend that you should raise your next bet in that circumstance suggesting that it’s good luck.

Always enter and leave a casino through the same door.

Singing can be either good luck or bad luck while you gamble.

Don’t count your money during a poker session.

Stay away from sex the night before you play. (Not the most popular superstition).

Never let dogs near a gambling table. (Apparently they’re bad luck and no good at poker).

Never accept being paid with a $50 bill. They’re called “Frogs” and are said to be unlucky.

Never touch someone’s shoulder while he is gambling.

Don’t enter a casino through its main entrance; it’s cursed by bad luck.

Switch on all the lights at home before leaving to gamble.

And never drink.

That's a fact not a superstition and I learned it the hard way in Reno May 1974.

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