Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

Bye Bye Barbara

Yesterday I received an email informing me of Ms. Carolina's demise. I went to the water temple in Sri Racha to pray for my good friend Barbara's safe passage. We had seen the world together. My three year-old son and I bought some fish to release into the sea for good luck. They swam away to a pier to where the monk lured them back to captivity for a repeat performance. As we walked back to the motorcycle, my son is asking why I'm crying. I told him a new star was in the sky. Fenway lifted his head and pointed to a twinkle. "Yes, that's the one. It's called Barbara.""Su-ay." He whispered in my ear."Yes." For 'su-ay means beautiful in thai. I choked back the tears for a few seconds. A man is not supposed to cry in front of his son. Fenway wrapped his arms around my neck and wiped away the tears. "Barbara still here." His finger picked the same star in the heaven."Yes, she is." I gave him a kiss and we rode home.The same star will appear tonight and every night throughout eternity.It has a new name.

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