Kamis, 19 Januari 2012

Gra-nam Gra-nam Gra-nam

Last week the Thai police arrested a suspect purportedly planning to bomb the Bangkok Habad center and Khao San restaurants popular with Americans and Israelis. The US embassy issued a heightened alert on its website.January 13, 2012This message alerts U.S. citizens in Thailand that foreign terrorists may be currently looking to conduct attacks against tourist areas in Bangkok in the near future. U.S. citizens are urged to exercise caution when visiting public areas where large groups of Western tourists gather in Bangkok. U.S. citizens are encouraged to maintain a heightened awareness when out in public; be alert for unattended packages/bags in public/crowded places and report any suspicious behavior to the nearest law enforcement personnel. We also encourage you to keep a low profile in public areas, particularly areas frequented by foreign tourists. and warned that terrorists might be seeking to hit Bangkok in the near-future. Experts quickly discounted the validity of such a threat linking the news to the tensions with Iran and the suspect in this case was arrested, because of a head's up by US and Israeli counter-terrorist agencies.The Israelis announced on their website, that other terrorists "managed to escape by plane from Bangkok or by crossing into Laos and catching a flight there, although other sources believe they are still hiding out in Thailand waiting for another chance to strike".Thai police and government officials, having been stung by the complexities of the Viktor Bout case, are questioning the validity of the US embassy alert, especially after the suspect said that the explosive materials were not his and probably had been planted by the Israelis."One evening I was taken out of prison, was placed in a car that drove off with me to a house somewhere. In there, I was interrogated by three men who apparently came from the Mossad. I have their first names. They claimed that I lied about various things."Years ago I was at a guest house in northern Thailand. NO ISRAELIS was written on a sign on the wall. I asked the owner, if he was scared of terrorism."Mai ching. Israel people kee-hio. One man rent room. Ten men sleep in room. Dirty too and fight for be cheap. Mai dee."His testament was proven on more than one occasion on my travels through Asia, so if you really want to avoid terrorism, avoid Israelis.Sorry, but the truth is the truth.Free Palestine.

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