Kamis, 19 Januari 2012

Recall Recall

here are 70 people named Scott Walker in Wisconsin and one of them in governor.Last December Governor Walker had ridiculed a petition for a recall election by asserting the 'Mickey Mouse' signatures did not count and neither did multiple signings. He cited a classic GOP mantra of the Silent Majority by saying, “For those who don’t want to sign it, their voice should count as much as anyone else’s."Yesterday opposition groups filed a petition with a million signatures seeking a recall election for the state's highest office, which was well in excess of the requisite of half-million signaturesUnited Wisconsin will have an uphill battle. Recall elections are difficult to bring to ballot, especially with Wisconsin's GOP-controlled government, but close to two-thirds of the voters are in favor of recalling the governor according to local polls and those numbers are hard to fight in a national election year.The only successful recall for governor occurred in California with the ouster of Gray Davis.The Big Bear State got Arnold Schwartzenegger as a result and people liked the Terminator.He was famous.By the way Scott Walker is not related to the singer Scott Walker of the Walker Brothers.

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