Rabu, 18 Januari 2012

SOPA and PIPA Defeat

Yesterday several major internet services blacked out their websites to protest two bills before Congress aimed at stopping online intellectual property theft. Freshman senator from Florida Marco Rubio backed off pushing forward the bills for vote in face of such intense opposition from Wikipedia and blog service WordPress. Hollywood executives backed by former Senate hack Christopher Dodd called the black-out an 'irresponsible stunt', but their opinion was overwhelmed by criticisms that the bills were capable of curbing freedom of speech and knowledgeGoogle did not join the protest, but stated on their site."There are better ways to address piracy than to ask US companies to censor the internet. The foreign rogue sites are in it for the money, and we believe the best way to shut them down is to cut off their sources of funding."The bills are still before Congress and President Obama has threatened to veto them should they reach his desk. deadline.com declared that Hollywood moguls were pulling their support for the president by quoting Hollywood moguls, another movie mogul, one insider, one studio chief who wished to remain anonymous, although Fox Filmed Entertainment Chairman Jim Gianopulos was willing to record to his opposition to the president's oppositionHis boss felt the same way and yesterday Rupert Murdoch slammed the protests on Twitter, attacking Google and the president for allowing theft from his intellectual property empire, although his newspapers are in criminal proceeding for the hacking of personal telephones and emails in the UK. There is only one word for the man.Hypocrite.And we can also add in bastard.

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