Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

Stormfront Support

During the 2008 Presidential campaign I joined the online white power site STORMFRONT in order to convince members that a vote for Obama was a vote to bring on the Last Days. My suggestion received zero commitments to support the Democratic candidate for the White House. Right-wing fanatics are devoted to Aryan supremacy. I suppose that I am still a member, because I received an email from the group's founder Don Black coming out in favor of Ron Paul.“We understand that Paul is not a white nationalist, but most of our people support him because of his stand on issues."The Stormfront endorsement in 2008 forced the Texas republican to repudiate the KKK, John Birch Society, and Stormfront as small thinking people on he margins of society.Online websites are picking sides in this controversy, which appeared instantly after Paul's 3rd place showing in Iowa and Michele Bachmann's dropping out of the campaign. Supporters condemn the accusations of racism as work of the politicians seeking to minimalize their candidate, while detractors are calling for Ron Paul to once more to denounce the Far Right.A photo of Rep. Paul with Don Black after a GOP debate doesn't help his cause, but I have to ask myself, "Who's the young dude with the hat?"Damien of THE OMEN maybe.

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