Senin, 23 Januari 2012

Wanted Man In Georgia

CBS Atlanta has report that a Georgia judge has demanded President Obama's presence at a hearing to answer the charge that the POTOS isn't a natural born US citizen. Birthers have consistently rejected all evidence of Obama's citizenship such as having an American mother and a birth certificate issued from Hawaii. 13% of Americans believe Obama was born in a foreign country.The citizenship theory arose from the Hillary Clinton camp in the 2008 presidential primaries and since then birthers on each side of the political spectrum have researched every facet surrounding the president's birth and early life. The legal counsel of the White House has failed to convince the judge that this case is frivolous and the president must show up in Georgia or else find himself in contempt of court. I search for the judge's history on Google for a half-hour without finding any reference to him other than the announcement of this lawsuit.It's almost as if he doesn't exist on paper and I have to ask, "Where is his driver's license?" so he can prove that he actually exists on paper as well as in judicial robes.

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