Rabu, 15 Februari 2012

3Is and a Genie

An Israeli, an Iranian, and an Irishman are walking in the desert. They discover a brass lantern in the sand. The Israeli rubs it and frees a grateful genie, who explains that he will grant a wish to each of them. The Israeli goes first and demands a wall 100 feet high around all of Biblical Israel with no Muslims. The genji claps his hand and the deed is done. "What about you?" the genie asked the iranian, so says, "I want a wall 200 feet high around the lands of the Muslims and no infidels. The genji claps his hands and the deed is done.The genie turns to the irishman, who says, "Can you fill those walls with whiskey?"We are a sensible people, although an old friend asked after the joke, "Jameson or Bushmills? It matters."Jamesons of course with its pure pot still taste, even though Bushmills is older.

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