Senin, 06 Februari 2012

The End Of An Era

Five Super Bowls appearances resulted in three championships for the New England Patriots during the Belichek-Brady era and both those post-season losses came at the hands of Giants quarterbacked by Eli Manning. Each of those games were decided in the last minute by spectacular passes against a weary secondary and the result in 2012 mirrored the defeat of 2008, but in reality this year's match-up was determined very early in the 1st quarter by an intentional grounding call against Tom Brady, which resulted in a safety and a punt to the Giants.Of course my sister calling during the game was the kiss of death."Are you watching the game?" I was watching the game with a long-time friend in the West Village. He was a Packers fan. We had $20 on the game. it was a friendly bet."No." She was working on test papers for her college students."I can't talk. It's bad luck to speak with someone not watching the game." The damage was done and then I looked over my shoulder at Bill's Italian wife. The director from Pescara was busy writing a film proposal. Two negatives made a positive and I relaxed a little with the Patriots leading by a point into half-time.Madonna's greatest show on Earth was a disaster. She opened the set with VOGUE, her smash hit from the last century. Her dance routine reminded me of an aging quarterback running from a blood-thristy linebacker. She was slow. Faster than me, but I wasn't on stage before a billion people. She kept her promise not to have a costume malfunction such as the one in which Janet Jackson displayed her nipple to Justin Timberlake. The thought of seeing her 40 long flapper sent shivers down my spine, but when play resumed, I wallowed in a quiet calm with a Brady score. It wasn't enough and the clock ticked away with the ball in the Giants possession.I bit off three fingernails and gnawed them smooth, as the Blue scored a TD with 56 seconds to go.Damn the safety, damn my sister, damn VOGUE.I couldn't get it out of my head.That old witch had ear-wormed me and maybe the Patriots too.A Hail Mary pass into the end zone resulted in nothing.Game over.The Giants win.I can't remember the score, but I rode home to Brooklyn on the A train listening to recaps of the Superbowl. I really didn't hear them , because my ears were ringing with VOGUE.The curse of Madonna.The bitch.Time to put on some MC5.To hear the instrumental version of the MC5's HIGH SCHOOL please go to the following URL

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