Minggu, 05 Februari 2012


In 2008 I watched the New England Patriots play the New York Giants in Superbowl XLII from halfway around the world in Pattaya. My team had coasted to a 19-0 record and were looking to close out a perfect season. Destiny was thwarted by a late drive in which the Giants QB miraculously connected with his receiver to propel them into history 17-14. I drowned my sorrow in beer.Four years later the two teams are meeting in Superbowl IXL.I left Pattaya two weeks ago for New York via Luxembourg and London. Everyone in this city is rooting for the Giants, even Jets fans.But not me.I remain true to my roots. It's GO PATRIOTS from start to finish. And I can always drown myself in beer no matter what.

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