Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

God Is Dog

Back in the last century condensation formed on a window at my hometown's hospital. A devout Christian spotted the face of Jesus in the opaque dew and the faithful gathered to pray beneath the mirage. The miracle vanished with the sun breaking through the clouds and a local fundamentalist preacher claimed the Son of God had ascended to heaven.The believers are constantly on the watch for proof of the Messiah.They have seen the face of Jesus in toast, on a sock, and in the Shroud of Turin.As Oscar Wilde said, "Religion is like a blind man looking in a black closet for a black cat, that isn't there, and finding it." The other day a female friend posted the above image of Darwin on facebook and the Christians were quick to criticize her on several levels.Here's the stream with the names changed to protect the foolish.Tom - Darwinism is a religion that is accepted by faith. Since Darwin's theorys remain largely unprovable, it remains in the realm of theory. Some evidence, yes; but not nearly enough to be scientific fact. Same as belief in God! So both Christianity and Darwinism are faith-based religions. Personally, I think Jesus is much more handsome than Charles!Sally - Money and Wealth is the "Official Religion" of the New World Order... Tom..... where have you been . All the rest is smoke.... (maybe from burning toast) Why Don't you Demand Jimmy Carter Back in the White house, He is a God fearin' Church Going Born Again Christian ????Peter Nolan Smith I do not believe we all evolve from apes, take a look at a beach in the summer, those lizard skinned tan-o-philes and the wallowing walruses are proof that man's evolution came from many speciesSally - Evolution happens every day...... if some people would actually PAY ATTENTION !!!! Prime example .....Drug resistant bacterium, Viruses, ......Duh VRE MRSA ,HIV has mutated in the last couple years.... Hello , I am annoyed that SOME people think God is too stupid to have had a more complicated plan ..... Humans are just too damn stupid to have been able to begin to comprehend even the first simple chemical compound or molecule . The Bible doesn't explain photosynthesis or that DNA is NOT static or it exists at all....... but its there ..... LOOK under a freaking Microscope ...Tom - Of course species mutate/evolve... people were much shorter not too long ago. But if you read Darwin's book, he leaves absolutely no room for God at all. It is assumed he does not exist. So all of life just happens by chance out of some warm goo at the bottom of the sea.Peter Nolan Smith - sorry tom, but if a fairy tale god exists only in fairy talesSally - Tom, see you said it "EVOLVE" ..... now, keep going, you can utter it ....say it " e-v-o-l-u-t-i-o-n " !!!!!!! halfway there Timmy, I'm proud of you !!! the "Warm goo " , you mean like SANTORUM?Saturday at 2:15pm · LikeTom - You showed a picture of Darwin on toast. I am talking about DARWINISM- much harder to believe in than God, Peter... even if you think he is a fairy tale... you'd rather believe you are the descendant of primatesPeter Nolan Smith - no, I come from an alien infestation, other people genetic experimentations from apes, dogs, insects, and seals. There is no trouble believing in anything and that belief makes it true to the beholder.Of course I decided to ratchet up the discussion by posting the following photo.It is not photo-shopped.
Sally - JC ???Peter Nolan Smith - in the fur as opposed to the fleshSaturday at 10:04pm · LikeTed - Thanks for posting this for everyone. Very thoughtful.Peter Nolan Smith - their lord moves in strange waysTed - Actually, I was trying to be sarcastic. I think this was not very nice- if you want to poke fun at religion, I would try to keep it private, not out here where many people will see it and be offended. I guess Sharon is the one that posted it and I know others were offended. Peter Nolan Smith No I posted it, sally had nothing to do with it.19 hours ago · LikeSally - I would suggest not poking that furry jesus like face .....Peter Nolan - Smith arf arf19 hours ago · LikeTom - Sally, now you are saying that Jesus looks like a dog's butt? What would Pastor Craig think of how Peter Nolan Smith - with such a rich heritage of jewish humor it's surprising that there are no jokes in the biblePeter Nolan Smith - we need to hear from a different smithI can think of no greater disaster to this country than to have the voters of it divide upon religious lines. - Al SmithNo relation to me.God is Dog backwards.

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