Jumat, 10 Februari 2012

Oipho IMF

Western culture hails ancient Greece as the birthplace of its civilization. Throughout the 5th through 4th centuries BC Greece formed the basis of politics, architecture, art scientific thought, literature, and philosophy, but the nation has fallen on hard times due to its inescapable debt crisis for not following the classical advice Mēdèn ágan or nothing in excess.The Euro Economic Zone has offered to save Greece from default with demands of draconian cuts in income and services only to have demonstrators riot in the Athens and trade union strike for 48 hours. Sunday the national parliament will vote on the economic measures. Agreement to the pact will free up 130 billion Euros and enslave the Greek nation to the Eurozone for decades to come. There is another course and that is to tell the IMF, World Bank, and the Germans 'oipho' which in ancient Greek means 'fuck off' and go the way of Iceland. For those bankers without any classical education than the Greeks can tell them 'pidaksu'. Throw in the bird and they'll get the idea, for Tí eúkolon? Tò állōi hypotíthesthai.In other words;"What is easy? To advise another." — ThalesTo walk in their shoes is another story.

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