Sabtu, 18 Februari 2012

Starving Snowman

The Swedes have an expression; In spring no one thinks of the snow that fell last year. One Swede might argue that point, for AP reported that police in thenorthern town of Umeaa have rescued a motorist stranded deep snow since December. No one reported the man in his mid-40s as missing and he was in no condition to explain how he came to be stuck in the woods for over two months without food. Police conjectured that the man survived on snow and nothing else. A sleeping bag protected him from the sub-zero temperatures. AP has announced that his current condition is unknown.The New Testament claimed that Jesus went thirty days and thirty nights without substanance. He rejected the offers of Satan and remained true to his calling to be the Messiah.This Swede beat The Son by a month. An Indian swami supposedly lasted years in a state of starvation, but more tragically IRA hunger protestor Bobby Sands went the limit at the Maze Prison in 1981. 66 days on water alone. He died in his cell. A member of Parliament in opposition to Margaret Thatcher.Her heart of stone made him pay the price.Thankfully the Swede was only facing winter and not the Iron Lady.

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