Jumat, 17 Februari 2012

Tough Israeli Backpackers

Israeli backpackers were the scourge of the Lonely Planet paths around the world. They argued with shopkeepers in Bali, crammed ten people into a room designed for two, chiseled prices for the cheapest bowl of rice, smoked hash with abandon, and denied any wrongdoing in Palestine. Other travelers avoided them in droves, but they were fearless to a fault having survived extended tours in the Occupied territories and back in the 90s one group of Israelis decided to trek through the mountains of the Karakorum. Within a day tribesmen kidnapped the trekkers at gunpoint and marched them into the terra incognita of the Himalayas. One night a gunman started abusing one of the women. An male Israeli grabbed the AK47 from the tribesman and shot their captors, killing them all along with two of his fellow backpackers.Israeli backpackers were dirty, noisy, and cheap, however in a fight they had hairline triggers. And that is not always a bad thing beyond the land of law and order.

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