Selasa, 20 Maret 2012

Beer Bottle Fortune

The morning of St. Padraig's Day my landlord and I noticed these stacked beer cases across the street. The sweet old lady had collected them from the trash."I figure it's about $150. I'm going to cash in the bottles and go play slots." The old lady looked to be Hindu, but her son was Puerto Rican. Fort Greene had been a melting pot of races for the 20th Century."Atlantic City?" AP asked from the steps, taking my photo."No, I never go to AC. The casinos are too cheap. They cheat everyone." She shook her head with a tested vehemence. "Jersey casino are never straight. No, I'm going to try the new slots casino at Aqueduct. I heasrd they give honest pay-outs. Are you Irish?""Yes." I was wearing a green cap."Then touch those bottles and give me some of the luck of the Irish.""With pleasure." I put my hand on the empties. It came away from the bottles smelling of beer.For me that aroma was good luck. I like my beer.

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