Senin, 26 Maret 2012

Delta Business Elite in the NY Times

'All the news that's fit to print' tops the headlines of the New York Times. This respected newspaper is considered a bastion of liberal thought by the left, right, and center of the upper-classes, for the cost of $2.50 puts the broadsheet out of the range of most Americans and a glance at the ads within Times reflect the publishers' regard for the common man.Page A7 of issue 55,722 featured the completion of the front page's Dublin Journal entry about a broke Dublin artist fashioning a house out of 1.4 billion Euros. Directly beneath this article was a promo for Delta Business Elite.The price of a flight to London with this service is $3500 or about one-tenth of an American family languishing above the poverty line.None of the business class flyers pay for this privilege.The money comes out of the pocket of the consumers.Same as the $2.50 for the New York Times.A mouthpiece for the rich.

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