Senin, 05 Maret 2012

My Man Jason Varitek

The 6th Game of the 1975 World Series was immortalized by Red Sox catcher Carlton Fisk dancing up the 1st base line with his hands waving for his hit to stay fair. The entire Red Sox nation joined his manual manipulations to be rewarded with a win. Unfortunately the Cinncinati Reds won the final game and Babe Ruth's curse foiled the Bosox year after after, but in the 2004 ACLS with the Red Sox down in the 4th game and on the verge of another elimination at the hands of the dreaded Yankees, another Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek sparked a come-back by sucker-punching Alex Alex Rodriguez after the Yankke had cursed out the pitcher for hitting him. The benches cleared for a fight and Varitek was kicked out of the game, which the Red Sox miraculously won 11-10, thereby paving the way for a World Series Championship.Jason Varitek didn't hit a home run that historical evening, but his heart steeled the Red Sox.Last week he retired from the Bosox.Varitek played every game of his fifteen-year career with the Red Sox.He was the man. Thanks for the memories.To see that brawl please go to the following URL

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