Rabu, 28 Maret 2012

Soi 6 Of The North

Tiffany's in Sydney, Australia is considered the world's best brothel by ca.askmen.comNevada's Bunny Ranch takes the silver medal with the bronze going to Relax in Hamburg, Germany.Bangkok's Nana Plaza finished seventh, even though prostitution is not really legal in Thailand. Yesterday Canada took a giant step into the competition with the Ontario Court of Appeals abolishing the ban on brothels, thus joining Greece, Germany, Bangladesh, Belgium, Holland, New Zealand and scores of other nations, which have decriminalized prostitution as a means to insure the health and safety of the women and men involved in the sex trade.Street sex according to Ronald Weitzer, a professor of sociology at George Washington University, stated his a CNC report that street sex takes about 15 minutes from hello to goodbye, while the brothel experience can last up to an hour. Brothels work best far from the prying eyes of society. No one wants them in their backyard. Nevada's thirty whorehouses are out in the desert. No one goes there by mistake.Many working women are happy with the present system, since they get to keep the majority of their earnings. Brothels typically receive a 50% cut, so a good percentage of sex workers, male and female, rely on the internet for their traffic, but there is no guarantee of safety and the court explained their judgment to the BBC by saying, "The world in which street prostitutes actually operate is a world of dark streets and barren, isolated, silent places. It is a dangerous world, with always the risk of violence and even death."The conservative government protested the decision"As the Prime Minister has said, prostitution is bad for society and harmful to communities, women and vulnerable persons. We continue to see a social need for laws to control prostitution and its effects on society."Effects?More satisfaction at the Moosehead Massage Bar.And that can't be a bad thing for Canucks.

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